About Us

Our goal is to present prostate cancer information that is easy to understand but up to date. We want you to have the most modern medical information we can uncover to help you through your journey in dealing with prostate cancer.

The treatment options of this cancer by the medical community are currently outdated. New HIFU treatments with minimal side affects have been very successful outside the United States. However, they have yet to be approved by the FDA outside of clinical trials, although anticipated in October 2014. Treatment is currently being performed by highly skilled US doctors, in hospitals located in Cancun, Nassau, Bermuda and Toronto.

We want to disseminate this information and clear up many of the misconceptions about prostate cancer treatment. The most critical information after PSA levels have risen are the critical first steps a man must take before ever being subjected to a prostate random biopsy. We are developing guides to help make informed decisions on treatment and diet. This information is presented as a life coaching opportunity, gained from real life experiences. Our goal is to expose the truth which is so often hidden, overlooked or simply omitted in many medical resources. You will find this site to be constantly growing as we work to meet this goal.

We are also building a fund to provide financial assistance to families get this treatment quickly since time is not usually a luxury.

This site is dedicated to men in our family who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, my dad and his brother.

We are not affiliated with any of the HIFU doctors, treatment centers, HIFU organizations or Sonablate equipment manufacturers. Although our team members have availed themselves of their services, we do not endorse HIFU or suggest that this treatment is the only one to consider. Your case may require other treatment paths or simply watchful waiting with a major change of diet. It is critical that you educate yourself rather than simply following recommendations from family doctors, urologists and traditional cancer lore.